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Posting from multiple computers

Tags: site, jekyll

One of the issues with my current Jekyll/NearlyFreeSpeech.NET setup is that I haven’t been able to post if I’m not working on my laptop which has the only copy of the site’s git repository. That’s not been a problem previously, but lately I’ve been working from my desktop a bit more and have a project on that machine that I’d like to write up. My goal with this little tweak was to migrate the repository to a server, though setting this up has been more useful than I expected.

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Building a Bus Pirate

Tags: electronics, hardware

Back at the end of January, I entered one of the Dangerous Prototypes free PCB giveaways, and was luck enough to win a code. I’ve thought about getting a Bus Pirate for flashing microcontrollers etc., and building one seemed like a good project that would net me something useful at the end. So, here’s the two-month-long saga of how I ended up with two Bus Pirates.

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Using Python to read weather forecast data

Tags: programming, python

When the Raspberry Pi Zero came out last year, my love of small computers meant that I quickly purchased one along with a Scroll pHAT despite not having a project in mind. Recently, I realised that the small size and low power requirements meant that it’d be great for displaying the day’s weather forecast.

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