Moving mitsake to

Welcome to the new-look mitsake! Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but I've also played around with the style a bit.

The biggest change has been shifting from using Jekyll to generate the site to Sunaina Pai's Over the last while, I've not really done much with Ruby, but I have had written a few scripts in Python and have started using CircuitPython a fair bit as well. It's a great system and has been really easy to customise. I've moved away from automated deployment too - running rsync isn't really that much effort.

Design-wise, I've mostly kept the default style with some influence from BetterMotherfuckingWebsite to help readability. I've kept Solarized Dark for code highlighting as it's still what I use day-to-day.

Hopefully this year will see a few more posts here; I've completed a couple of projects and should really write them up.